About Green Grow Up

ZipGrow LogoGreen Grow-Up is the South African manufacturer and distributor of Bright Agrotech‘s products, that include the Patented ZipGrow grow towers. We believe that everyone should be able to grow their own food and that the ZipGrow line of products is the perfect solution.

Whether you want a small system to grow in your garden or a full-scale commercial farm in a warehouse, Green Grow-Up can help you achieve your goal. We are experts in using ZipGrow products having grown a wide range of plant varieties since 2015 in our greenhouse & outdoor units. We also have indoor experience with LED lighting.

Tower-GIF-FINAL-1With the exception of accessories, most of our products are bulky and we prefer to ship via road freight. If you live in the Gauteng area and are able to visit our distribution point, please select ‘Local Pick-up’ at the time of checkout and we would be happy to welcome you to pick up your purchase in person.

We are here to offer support and advice to help you grow food. We back-up all of our products with a warrantee and we won’t be beat on customer service.

If you are not sure if the ZipGrow grow towers is the option for you, or feel you would prefer to speak to someone about your purchase, please give us a call.

We highly recommend the online training courses from Bright Agrotech if you are ready to start farming or see the opportunities. Check out the Bright Agrotech UpStart University website for several courses on how to best use your ZipGrow grow towers and to maximize production. You can also join the community of farmers using ZipGrow and join in on weekly roundtables.

The 5 Tower unit is an ideal way to get started, this will help you acquire the necessary skill in a vertical, soilless growing system, which reduces water use by 90 per cent and is not dependent on fossil fuel for production or transportation.

This is also an opportunity to be empowered to supplement your food demand and remove strain from the food supply chain.